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In Decameron, Im looking for 5 characters to explain how the Catholic Church was currupt and disorganized. And how people treated religious figures.

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The topic of the Catholic Church occurs many times throughout Boccaccio's medieval collection of stories, the Decameron, often depicting it as corrupt and disorganized due to its unchallenged dominion throughout medieval Italy.

The first story of the first day is about Ser Cepparello or Ciapelletto who was a wicked man, but falls mortally ill and lies to his confessor about the purity of his life while lamenting over insignificant sins. When Ciapelletto dies, his confessor lectures about the goodness of Ciapelletto's life, causing the parishioners to revere his life, and later this evil man is made a saint. The character of Ciapelleto reveals how the Church creates saints out of sinners.

The fourth tale of the first day...

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