Debate on banning advertisements that feature female sexuality.Can you give me pros and cons on this topic?

Expert Answers
tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The human anatomy, whether it be male or female, is always an easy selling device used to entice cosumers to buy products. Skin sells; it's as easy as that because it catches a person's attention and holds it, usually for enough time for the product's name to be read. When debating this topic, however, there are two sides. Those in favor of featuring sexuality in advertisements would say that it helps the economy; if more people buy the products, the economy with grow! Some may see it as a career opportunity for models and actresses to get noticed, too. And a final argument for the use of sexuality in ads is because it is free speech and expression protected by the Bill of Rights.

On the other hand, though, many women's self-concepts are based on what they commonly see in advertising, which is the promiscuous, skinny and beautiful blond or brunette acting like someone's fantasy. This can reduce a girl's self-esteem to nothing and is a predecessor to many eating disorders, shopping addictions and suicides. If that's too extreme to consider, think about where the origins of pornography and its destructive consequences on society. Because of ads that use sexuality to sell, they shape the way we think about ourselves and others, generally with negative effects.