For Death of a Salesman, identify three differences between the print version and the film version.Then say which version you prefer and explain why?

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jihyunkim67 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Death of a Salesman is actually one of the plays where most of the scenes were kept identical and the lines remained the same. Plot-wise there weren't great differences and deviations from the play but the the production of film definitely had some technical differences. The first difference was the change of scenes from present to flashbacks. In the play the transition is very ambiguous as Miller leaves no indication of such change. However in the film it is clearly indicated by the change in scenes and setting. Second difference is the appearance of Ben. The play depicts Ben as a very mysterious figure who isn't clearly identified but in the film Ben actually appears and makes Ben easier to understand. The last difference is probably music. In the introduction of the play, the presence of flute medley is clearly written out but the actual use of music in the film contributes to a better understanding of the atmosphere.

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