Dear Teachers/Students/Genius Learners, I am pursuing PhD course nd has just started one month ago. My topic of research is "Affordable housing by utilization of Re-usable solid waste as construction materials in India". Though I have given a thought on structures and safety, but my supervisor says it would take lot of time and I'm bound to finish my doctorate in 3 years from now.  I don't understand how to make my topic more flexible and where can I get back-ups and other related materials for my studies. If anybody has genuine ideas, can you please help me what to do? otherwise I will be forced to remove "solid waste" part and focus on other aspects of affordable housing for PhD which could be out of my interest.  Your suggestions will be of high value. DJP

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Things that come to mind when I review your idea are as follows:

1.  What are the solid wastes available for re-use in that region?

2.  Are there processing plants in the region that can turn the solid waste into usable materials for construction? 

3. Is the overhead cost for processing of solid waste into usable building materials going to be feasible for the private sector, or will it need funding from the government, or how might that be done?

Although I think the idea has great merit, it will prove to be a very long involved plan with a lot of research on financially viable options to make it a reasonable reality for a doctorate. Should the topic be more narrow and specific to using a certain solid waste like plastic? Perhaps a different perspective on the thesis creating the action plan needed to gain the industrial leaders of the country to participate in a clean up that will benefit them financially while providing labor and affordable housing in the region. I have provided one link to a blogger that has some interesting things on line. Perhaps use bloggers from India as part of your plan of change for the region. Using the power of the internet to initiate change could be to your benefit in this journey.

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