A Day's Wait Questions and Answers
by Ernest Hemingway

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Is "A Day's Wait" a good title? 

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The short story "A Day's Wait" by Ernest Hemingway tells of a nine-year-old boy who becomes ill with a fever. His father, the narrator, sends him to bed and calls for the doctor. The doctor informs the father in the boy's presence that he has a temperature of 102 degrees. Downstairs out of the boy's earshot, the doctor says the boy will be fine and prescribes medicine. When the father tries to read to his son, the boy seems worried and distracted and refuses to sleep.

After the father returns from hunting, the boy confesses that he is waiting to die. In France where he attended school he was told that people with temperatures above 44 would die, and his is 102. The father explains that the means of measurement are different and that the boy is in no danger. After the explanation, the boy is able to sleep, but the next day he is emotionally sensitive.

The titles of stories are very important, as they are the first things readers notice when they are considering reading a piece of...

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