Daylight Savings TimeWhat is the origin/history of DST and why do we practice it?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The major point of having daylight savings time is to conserve energy.  We in the United States have been using this system since World War I.

The basic idea here is to have more daylight during the time that people are up and doing things.  If we can have more of the daylight during that time, and more of the dark while people are asleep, people will not use as much energy to light their homes and businesses.

This was very important during wartime since fuel was needed for the war effort.

We still have it today mostly because it is traditional and because people like having long evenings in the summer to do more things.

neela | Student

For me the reason for the day light saving  appears more due to the astronomical  and geographical cause applied to our local situations. At the  higher latitude on the globe the day becomes  longer  in summer and too much shorter in winter. So the clock is suitably kept behind during summer to make a psychological feeling that we still have time in the evening and need not hurry our activities. This indirectly has a bearing on traffic activities. It is said the traffic accidents are reduced due to this . The type of adjustment  of advancing or reversing the clock is not necessary in equatorial regions as these regions do not have much variations in the length day and night. Note that the total duration of the day (day+night) , however does not change.