On the day of his expulsion fom Animal Farm, Snowball encounters a family member of his. Write the dialogue that takes place between them. 

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While you will have to write the dialogue yourself, the assignment is obviously intended for you to demonstrate some knowledge of what Snowball is supposed to represent in Orwell's knowledge. Snowball is an idealist and a gifted leader who was very instrumental in working out the central tenets of Animalism and in leading the animals through the revolution's early stages. He was driven from the farm by Napoleon, with whom he had developed a bitter rivalry over a number of different political issues. Napoleon's purge of Snowball paved the way for his assumption of dictatorial control of the farm. Orwell intended Snowballl to represent Leon Trotsky, the Bolshevik hero who was driven into exile by Stalin and later murdered by his agents. Any dialogue he had after leaving the farm would doubtless reflect his belief in the principles of Animalism, describe his dispute with Napoleon, outline the process by which he was driven from power, and perhaps be delivered in a tone suggestive of his contempt for Napoleon, who he would have viewed as a traitor to the revolution and a power-mad dictator. It might also include dire predictions about the future of the farm. Perhaps Snowball might even express interest in rallying support for the overthrow of Napoleon.