In the "Day After Tomorrow" movie, I want to know the answers for these questions:a) Excluding time factors, discuss whether weather presented is likely/possible, why/why...

In the "Day After Tomorrow" movie, I want to know the answers for these questions:

a) Excluding time factors, discuss whether weather presented is likely/possible, why/why not.                                              

b) Why, if this is global warming, is the scenario presented one of extreme cold and is it plausible?                                      

c) Discuss the speed of onset of this event.

I need it to be around 500 words.  Thanks a lot!

Expert Answers
marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I've seen "The Day After Tomorrow" at least half a dozen times and I'm fascinated with the movie!  Every time I watch it, I catch something in it I never noticed before.  However, the likelihood of such a catastrophic event happening with such speed is very unlikely, if not impossible.

In the movie, the events progressed with terrifying speed!  If I recall, it was over the course of just a few weeks from the time the movie started in Antartica to where it ended in New York.

I believe global warming is a distinct possibility if not already a reality to a marked degree.  But in the movie, we're talking about whole ice sheets encompassing 1/6 of the earth's surface melting down almost overnight, making the oceans rise, causing their temperatures to drop drastically, and a gigantic storm engulfing the entire northern hemisphere, plunging the earth into a new Ice Age!  We're talking about total changes in climates of such dramatic proportions as to be totally unrecognizable!  And, it all happened simultaneously over the whole earth's surface.  Fantastic, wasn't it?

I believe there was a dramatic and catastrophic event in our earth's history-the Ice Age.  But, whether man was there to witness it in our earth's history or not has never been recorded to my knowledge.  There have been animals uncovered that apparently died around that time, but was it due to cataclysmic occurences in the weather that caused their deaths?  Possibly so.

What the movie does to me is make me realize how small and insignificant I am in proportion to the mighty forces that have shaped the world we live on, and how quickly our lives could be snuffed out or permanently altered by circumstances beyond our control.