In Davita's Harp, what are two challenges that Davita faces?

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Davita experienced two major challenges which concerned her spirituality and gender. Her parents had both rejected their respective religions; Davita’s mother was a Jew and her father a Christian. The couple supported communist ideals and Davita got to know about it through their conversations. Support for communism forced the family to live a fugitive life and Davita lived without a religious basis during that period. Her father was later killed and both her mother and a close family friend, Jacob Dew, distanced themselves from communist activities.

To fill her religious void, Davita joins a Jewish school and becomes a practicing Jew. It is during her time as a Jew that she faced challenges with regard to her gender. She recited the Kaddish for her dead father, an action met by apprehension by Jewish members because the Kaddish is reserved for the male members of the religious community. In another instance, Davita excelled in school and it is expected that she would receive the award for top student. The administrators are unable to award a female and instead award a male student. Davita feels dejected and betrayed not only by the school but the world at large.

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