David states that time was his "only ally." How was this true?i am doing a essay on this book

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The book, A Child Called It written by David Pelzer, is David's story of his abused childhood.  There are many examples of David being abused by his mother who is the all powerful person in David's life.  When he says that "time is his only ally", he means that if he can survive the here and now, that his ally time will help him live.  The horrific abuse David suffers as the scapegoat of his mother's madness makes him want to give up and die to escape what is happening to him.  When he finally decides that he wants to live, that he will live despite the whole family abusing him, he realizes that if he does live, he will win and not his mother.  Time will help him heal, realize that he is worthy of love, and that he no longer will be "the child called it."

veronica12398 | Student

I believe David thought that time in this hell would end when he was able to walk away and leave his passed , and that no matter what he went through he could never give up. He believed in his own mind that someone out there would help him out of his life and take him somewhere better, and that would take time. I found this as he had dreams of his kind teacher and the places they had once been too, it was his dreams that kept him alive , and gave him hope , and that time gave him a chance to dream about himself and hie future life. He could of realized also that time can help heal all the pain and hurt he went through.

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