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renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The one act play was written in 1916. The events that inspired it occurred in 1900, when the author, Susan Glaspell, was a reporter assigned to cover a murder trial.

Margaret Hossack, a farmer's wife, was accused of killing her husband as he was asleep by striking him on the head with an ax. The farmer's wife was not initially thought to be a suspect until it was discovered that she was unhappy in her marriage. Glaspell wrote 26 articles on the case and became sympathetic to the accused. Years later, 1916, she and her husband owned a theater and it was suggested she write a play to finish the season. This is when she wrote Trifles.

brendawm eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Trifles, a one-act play, was written originally written to fill in space at the end of a group of summertime plays in 1916.  It is a story about murder, inspired by an actual events, that explores relationships among husbands and wives and mena and women in general, as well as truth.