if darry didnt have soda and pony, why would he be a soc?What do you think?

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I think we do need to consider that although Darry is indeed intelligent, attractive and a sportsman capable of a scholarship, he would not be able to fully escape his background. Even if his parents had survived and he had been able to take up a scholarship, he would still live where he does, as he does. He may have left his friends and family behind, but his loyalty to his brothers and the greasers suggests that he would not do this. It is still questionable as to whether Darry could ever 'become' someone else.

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Darry would have been freed from the responsibility of providing and caring for his two younger brothers. The text makes clear that he was very intelligent and athletic, and thus could have easily gained a scholarship and gone to college to study further, thus giving him more opportunities in life and freeing him from his working-class roots.

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Darry had all the qualities a soc would need-other than money. He was smart, good looking, excelled at athletics, people were attracted to his looks and his personality. He would have fit right in. Soda and Pony were not what was holding him back, however. There were economic lines that Darry could never have crossed.

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have gotten a scholar ship and enchanced his career oppurtunities so he could have become rich enough. Thats why he would be a soc if Sodapop and Ponyboy weren't there.

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Darry has everything a soc needs; good looks, strong, intelligent, plays football-other then money. Even though, he would fit right in. If it wasnt for his brothers Darry could

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Darry was great in Football, as Two-Bit said on the way back from seeing Johnny:

“You know, if Darry didn’t have you and Soda, he’d be a Soc?”

“Yeah, I know”

Darrel Curtis is smart, can play football, is a hard-worker, and got a scholarship to many universities…. But, he stayed home for his brothers.

Since the Curtis’ parents died of a train accident, Darry was appointed in charge of the Curtis family. Darry is:

“What’s to tell? He’s big and roofs houses…”

While Soda, dropped out of high school to work full time at the DX. (a gas station)

“I think I’m going to marry Sandy, of course, not until now, I’m working at the DX to… help Darry with the bills”


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I think it is because he was smart, a football star, and had lots of friends!

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If Darry didn't have to take on two jobs he could have gone to college.   He works to support his brothers.  He was a decent student in school, and great football player.  Being a greaser means that your poor.  If you go to college on a scholarship you're not viewed as the poor kid.  He would have been the talented guy that made something of himself.  If Darry went to college he could have gotten a career and had the money to consider himself a "soc."

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I think he would be consirded a Soc because he is smart and is really sporty. Also he doesnt get involved in fights very often.

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