Who is Darnay in A Tale of Two Cities? Who is his double?

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Charles Darnay is one of the primary characters in A Tale of Two Cities.  He is a good man who had the misfortune of being born into a cruel and sadistic family, the Evremondes.  They are part of the rich aristocracy in France who eventually fall during the French Revolution.  Darnay wants to cut all ties with his heritage, so he moves to England and changes his name to an English equivalent of his mother's maiden name--D'Aulnais becomes Darnay.

He eventually marries Lucie Manette, who is connected to his family through her father--though only Dr. Manette knows that. There are much more complicated matters ahead of him, but when we first meet him he's on trial in England for the crime of treason (of which he is both found innocent and, we find out later, is innocent).  He is found innocent because someone in the courtroom--while NOT his double--looks enough like him to cause "reasonable doubt" in the minds of the court.  Sidney Cartonis going to play a major role in saving Darnay's life once again at the end of the story.

noonazz | Student

charles darnay is monsieur the marquis nephew who was accused of the treason and he was acquitted because the evidence were not enough.Darnay isn't his real name he changed his name to his mother's name because his father's family were evil aristocrats and nobody liked them so he changed his name and lived in england,he worked as a french teacher and a translator and he loved lucee manette

his double is mr carton who worked with charles darnay's lawyer and he was like a jackal because he solved all the cases but no body noticed him, he was one of the reasons that charles darnay was acquitted but he hated charles because he loved lucee but lucee loved charles and also charles loved lucee

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