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Dante's Inferno mentions the angels Michael, Raphael, & Gabriel, but the apocrypha list many angels. What are the origins of guardian angels? I can list certain references that contain knowledge of different angels, but most are symbolic and hard to truly interpret: apocalypse of st.peter the book of Enoch the secrets of enoch the gospel of light the gospel of the egyptians  

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The English word “angel” translates a Greek term “angelos” that simply means “messenger” and is used for the human messengers in secular literature such as Homer as well as for divine messengers.

The  best known are the archangels (archangelos) Michael, Gabriel, Raphael; the Book of Enoch adds Uriel, Selaphiel, Jegudiel, and Barachiel. Much of the elaboration of the angelic traditions occurs in various non-canonical Biblical books and early and medieval Christian literature such as ps.-Dionysus’ Celestial Hierarchy.

The notion of a personal guardian spirit pre-dates Judaeo-Christian religion – it is a major feature of Mesopotamian religions and the pagan religions of the Mediterranean. This concept gradually became assimilated into Christianity on the level of folk tradition, but is not part of the official doctrine of most Christian denominations.

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samjazael123 | Student

a quote from the book of tobit:

Light & knowledge is given to those willing to sacrifice everything, let the dead bury the dead in heaven, let the faithful wake up and see the struggles of life, and make not haste you musn't break my heart for I gave you your knowledge, yet you dishonor this and use my knowledge as I watch you I see your problems so open your eyes as destiny begins to unfold before me.... book of tobit words of the angel Raphael

samjazael123 | Student

Their are books in the coptic church that are still used today even including the legend of the building of the city of Lalibela, in ethiopea which tells by the legend that the angel gabriel came and told them to build the so called new covenant as well as the new jerusalem. it is even said, that the ark of the covenant is in lalibela. Also that lalibela was built by the help by angels. In the apocalypse of st.peter which amazingly was not considered heretical even though its not considered to be part of the cannaan their is by legend that constantine had more books than we have today it's just their are the so called lost books. As a reader who loves biblical history as well as early Judao-christian philosophies I heard that the origins of guardian angels goes to the story in the book of tobit in which he had a relationship with the angel Raphael in the book of Enoch Raphael in considered as the angel of love & peace. He was mentioned as one of the angels that guards every human being on earth and is considered as once upon a time a dark angel working with "the watchers", but he saw the evil on earth and turned to a peaceful angel Raphael was the guardian angel of tobit!

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The apocrypha is not a part of the actual Bible.  The Bible itself does not actually talk about guardian angels.  Guardian angels are more folklore.  God certainly uses angels to guard people at certain times (Garden of Eden, Book of Isaiah, etc.), but the idea that we all have a guardian angel is not in the Bible.