If Dante where to place Bernie Madoff in his hell (Dante's hell) where would he be?  

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Bernie Madoff is the man responsible for the most notorious Ponzi scheme in history. Over the course of close to forty years (1970-2009), Madoff embezzled billions of dollars from unsuspecting investors.

Therefore, if Dante were to place Madoff into the Inferno (or Dante's Hell) he would find a suitable place for him in four of the nine levels.

Level Three- Given that gluttons are punished here, Bernie would find himself at home with others who are excessively searching for more. Bernie would enjoy the eternal rains which form putrid puddles of filth to wallow in. He would be forever kept company by Cerebus--a dog-like monster who would constantly growl at him while tearing away at his flesh.

Level Four- Bernie would find himself at home with the others who decided to stockpile fortunes and not share. Part of his pleasure in this level of hell would be the fact that he would be able to remain fit--punishment includes rolling heavy weights across the floor of this level. Plutus, another lover of wealth, would be able to keep him company.

Level Eight- The Malebolge-Bernie would possibly feel most at home in this level given it houses those found guilty of fraudulence. Here, Bernie would enjoy many different levels of entertainment. He could choose from wallowing in human excrement, being whipped by demons, being placed into a hole and his feet being burnt, or having his body dismembered. Bernie would also have the choice of covering his ears to block out the screams of other sinners scratching off their own skin.

Level Nine-Cocytus- Here, Bernie would be able to play with Satan himself; or watch Satan play given that Bernie would be forced to be frozen in the deep ice. Given that this level houses those guilty of being traitors against God, country, benefactors, and family, Bernie would most likely end up here if it were up to those he scammed.

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