Dante loves and reveres Brunetto Latini (Canto XV, Dante's Inferno), although he is a condemned sodomite.  How does one explain this? 

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Dante (the character) comes upon Brunetto Latini in Dante's Inferno, Canto XV. Dante is in the Seventh Circle (saved for those who commit murder, suicide, sodomy, and usury). Latini, a sodomite, is recognized by Dante, even though Latini had "parch'd looks" and was "smirch'd with fire."

After the two exchange welcomes, Latini advises Dante to turn back from where he came. Dante refuses and states he wishes to speak with him first.Throughout the conversation, Latini refers to Dante as "son," while Dane refers to Latini as his "paternal image."

This relationship (and scene) illustrates that the love shared between two people allows one to look past the errors of the other. Dante sees Latini as the one who instructed him in lessons which he "priz'd." As the canto continues, Latini educates Dante regarding perseverance.


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Is there any chance you could hit more points that answer the question. It looks like there is only one strong point.