In The Bronze Bow, please describe Daniel's home on the mountain.    

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The text gives no clear and detailed description of the camp of Rosh's rebels. Mention is made of a cave that appears to be the centre of the camp on the mountains and which provides shelter to Daniel and Rosh's men:

Rosh stumbled to the pile of skins in the cave. Most of the men stretched out where they lay, pulling their cloaks over their heads and falling at once into slumber.

However, it is clear that this camp has been developed sufficiently to be far more than just a cave, which it appears the camp is built around. The rebels have their own forge and bellows, which Daniel works, for example, and at one stage Samson is described as helping to develop the "Eastern defences" of the camp. It is clear therefore that although life for Daniel and the other rebels is basic, and they have to fetch water from a nearby spring, they have also worked hard to develop their lives and what they can achieve as an armed force. Although Daniel misses his home village, at the same time he is proud of what he and the other rebels in Rosh's armed force have achieved through their own efforts, and the way that they are obviously organised to a sufficient degree to cause problems to Roman forces.

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