In the novel "The Bronze Bow," what is Daniel's character?Anyone describe his characteristics in detail? (brave, etc.)  

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the beginning of the novel we meet Daniel.  He was a slave for a Blacksmith, and because he was treated so badly he ran away.  Daniel was an angry teen when the story begins.  He hates the Romans for destroying his family and makes a vow to kill them to avenge the death of his parents.  He is angry and he is brave in many ways.  He shows that he is unafraid of the challenges he has set before him.  Daniel is also loyal to those people he calls his friends.  He even shows a great deal of loyalty to Rosh and supports Rosh as a leader of  a group of men who claim to be rebelling against the Romans.  As it turns out Rosh is simply a thief and eventually Daniel shows courage to break his ties with Rosh in order to save Joel when he is captured by the Romans. 

In someways Daniel is also very niave.  He believes everything Rosh tells him even though it is obvious, to the, that Rosh is not a leader for good.  Daniel is also talented.  He works as a blacksmith, but when he designs and creates the pin of the bronze bow Leah tells him he should not be a "blacksmith, but a silversmith," working with fine metals.

Daniel eventually rids himself of the chip on his shoulder by learning from Jesus that only love can conquer evil.  Daniel is an independent man who thorough, courage, bravery, cunning, discipline, and loyalty succeeds in becoming a good man.