In The Bronze Bow, what did Daniel want to be when all the problems were over?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We can infer the answer to this question by examining the end of Chapter Fifteen, and in particular the way that Daniel takes such joy from his new-found skill as a blacksmith. We are told that Daniel gets great pleasure from making practical objects that he knows he has made himself and are of good quality. Examine the following passage:

There was another satisfaction in these days. As Daniel grew confident of the skill in his own hands, his work became a source of pleasure. It was satisfying to give a villager a pair of hinges for his house, and to know that they were not only strong and well balanced, but exactly matched and pleasing to look at as well. He became aware that something more than usefulness could take shape under his hammer, and he began to experiment.

Thus the pleasure that Daniel takes from his new-found skill in being a blacksmith clearly indicates that this is a future career he would like to pursue once his revolutionary ambitions have resolved themselves. The pleasure he takes in being able to help others likewise indicates that this is something he will want to do in the future.

ballerina297 | Student

well he really just wanted to start over bea good person and through this we understand the inspiration which influenced him so strongly!