In The Most Dangerous Game identify and describe a key motive or human characteristic that was seen in the story.

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mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a really vague question and not well suited for this story.  There is very little introspection or life lessons to be learned from escapist, action/adventure fiction.

Although a great story, "The Most Dangerous Game" is not like Hamlet; it is not a meditation on survival like Shakespeare's play is on death.  Connell knows the reader is never going to be placed in a predicament similar to Rainsford.

With that being said, I suppose you can look at the motives of the villain, General Zaroff.  He is combination of several archetypal villains:

The OUTCAST: the lonely outsider, he wants desperately to belong. Tortured and unforgiving, he has been set off from others, and usually for good cause. He craves redemption, but is willing to gain it by sacrificing others. Waste no sympathy on him - he’ll have none for you.

The EVIL GENIUS / MAD SCIENTIST: the malevolent mastermind, he loves to show off his superior intelligence. Intellectual inferiors are contemptible to him and that includes just about everyone. Elaborate puzzles and experiments are his trademark. Don’t let him pull your strings – the game is always rigged in his favor.

The SADIST: the savage predator, he enjoys cruelty for its own sake. Violence and psychological brutality are games to this man; and he plays those games with daring and skill. Run, don’t walk, away from this man – he’ll tear out your heart, and laugh while doing it.

The story is an exercise in irony and survival.  It's main character does change, I suppose, but since the story is all action, the reader does not gain access to his interior motives or monologues because of the third person limited narration.

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