Danforth gives the premise for judging a witch in "The Crucible".  Please summarize his guidelines.

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When addressed  by Rev. Hale regarding the need for lawyers to present the cases against those accused of witchcraft, rather than Danforth and his fellow judges hearing the cases alone, the judge gives Hale his reasons for not using lawyers.  Danforth says that in most legal cases, eye witnesses are callef forth to give testimony against the accused.  Danforth says though, in the case of witch accusations, the perpetrator can commit the crimes without being seen because the witch can send her/his spirit out to commit the crime.  Danforth says that since the witches could commit their acts without themselves moving and thus have witnesses putting them somewhere other than where the victim was attacked, that he could then just take the word of the victims.