Is Daisy a good mother?

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Although Daisy apparently loves her daughter, she has little contact with her. When Pammy was born, Daisy tells Nick that she said, "I hope she'll be a fool...a beautiful little fool," which is the role that Daisy strives to play to survive in her world. She turns Pammy over to a nanny, it seems, who is responsible for her care and raising. Pammy is brought out twice, I believe, to meet people, Gatsby for instance, but for the most part she is not a part of Daisy's life. Daisy is not, therefore, a good mother because she simply shows off her daughter instead of loving and caring for her.

Perhaps some of Daisy's behavior stems from the era. Women were increasingly scorning traditional behavior as they sought more freedom. Selfishly, Daisy is more interested in her own life with Tom and with Gatsby than she seems to be in her daughter's life. We can wonder, of course, what kind of mother Daisy herself had. What kind of role model did she have to learn how to be a mother? Given that Daisy comes from a wealthy background, she may have been raised by a nanny as well.


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