What view is Hightower expressing in "Daddy's Philosophy?"

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would characterize the point of this commentary by saying that it is a very populist statement.  It is one that is for what the speaker probably sees as "common sense" and against the excesses of big government and of the rich.

Hightower speaks about how people should take more responsibility for their own lives and the quality of their communities.  This can be seen in his story about his dad creating the Little League for his town.

However, he does not say that government has no place in our society.  After all, he talks about how his father was pleased to pay taxes for practical things like a public library.  The implicit message is that the common people know what kinds of things are worth paying taxes for and which things aren't.

Hightower is arguing that the regular people are the good people of America (a very populist idea).  They are charitable without being ostentatious about it (wanting their name on a "granite wall").  They are generous with their time and money for things that deserve it.  They and their common sense are what America needs.