What type of skills would managers need to work effectively?

krishna-agrawala | Student

The skill needed by managers can have been classified by experts in many different ways. One such way is to put all the skills required by management in following three groups.

  1. Managerial skills
  2. Personal skills
  3. Subject related technical skills

Managerial skill are the skills that are needed to perform the basic managerial function of planning or decision making, organizing and staffing, motivating and leading, and control. These skills require ability to use specific management tools, and techniques useful in execution of these functions. It also includes other general skills like leadership skills and analytical skills.

Personal skills are designed to improve the personal efficiency of the manager. This can include a very wide variety of skills that may partially overlap the managerial skills. Some major personal skills include:

  • Time management skill
  • Negotiation skill
  • Interpersonal relations skill
  • Analytical ability
  • Innovation

Subject related technical skills relate to the knowledge and skill in type of work managed. An engineering manager need to be skilled in methods of engineering manager, and an IT manager need to have appropriate software skills.