the cylinders are similar find the hieght of cylinder B A radius 28ft height 32ft     B=radius 7ft

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hala718 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cylinder A and B are similar, then there is a constant ratio (r)between them.

Cylinder A :

height (hA)= 32 ft

radius (rA)=  28 ft


Cylinder B :

height (hB)= ?

radius (rB)= 7 ft

Since they are similar then there is (r) in which:

hA = r hB

==> 32= r hB

==> hB= 32/r ....(1)

Also we have:

rA= r rB

28 = r (7)

==> r= 28/7 = 4

Then from (1):

hB= 32/r= 32/4 =8 ft

Then the height of cylinder B = 8 ft.


neela | Student

Since the cylinders are similar, the ratio of radii = ratio of height.

The ratio of radii of A to B = 28/7

The ratio of height of A to B = 32/h, where h is the height of B to be determined.

So 28/7 = 32/h.

h = (7/28)32 =8 feet is the height of B.