Customers service representatives are appraised for their performance by their supervisors.  Explain who else should be involved in the process.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No one would deny the need for individuals in a supervisory capacity to be involved in a customer service representative appraisal.  Their role is vital in ensuring that the employee is doing the best possible job and can continue to do so.  Yet, I do think that there is a role for the customer in this process.  Being able to ensure that customers have feedback in the employee appraisal process is vital.  It will ensure that employees are responsive to the nuanced needs of the customer.  It will also allow for another dimension of the employee's performance to be analyzed.  Being able to have customer testimony regarding a customer service representative's work allows the evaluation to delve deep into what the employee does and how it is done.

Peer review can be a source of empowerment and improvement in the performance appraisal of a customer service employee.  Being able to develop a peer review model ensures that there is collegiality and solidarity amongst workers.  Learning from peers, seeing what they do, and being able to offer suggestions to it or integrate it into what one does can be very beneficial.  When employees are able to participate in peer review, evaluations are seen in a larger scope of professional growth and improvement.  Peer review can help to move the "gotcha" element out of evaluation and appraisal and develop a sense of growth and reflection about what employees do and why it is done.  For customer service representatives who deal with a myriad of challenges, peer review could be an inclusion to an evaluation model.