What are some things you can do as a customer service professional to project a positive image to the customer?

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A customer service professional understands that an integral part of his or her job is to present a positive image to customers. Key to success in projecting such an image, then, is knowledge of the company's product and/or services so that customer complaints or inquiries can be intelligently addressed. While this may seem self-evident, it is not always the case, especially with new, poorly-trained employees. Not only is a high level of knowledge of the company's products or services required to project a positive image, but knowledge of the competitors' products and services is also helpful so that informed sales pitches can be made.

In addition to knowledge of the products and services of the company for which one is employed as a customer service professional, the proper positive attitude is essential. In other words, the customer service representative may know a great deal about the business that he or she represents, but if that knowledge is not conveyed in a professional and courteous manner, it will not be well-received by customers. The challenge, then, comes when customers are irate or otherwise dissatisfied with the company's product. It is not easy to listen to the protestations or complaints of customers who are more than a little displeased, but that is an integral part of the job. Customer service representatives are expected to maintain a positive demeanor even when confronted by irate and irrational customers. Presumably, the owner or manager of the business does not want to lose the customer's business, and the owner is certainly aware of alternatives to his or her company that may be at the customers' disposal. Maintaining an 'even keel,' then, is very important, if occasionally exceedingly difficult.

Professionalism is an important component of any company's efforts at promoting a positive image of itself. Customer service representatives, by definition, are the front-lines of the company's efforts in this regard, and they, above all, must always project the proper image of themselves, as they are representing their employer to the public. That means attention to physical appearance, use of proper language skills, and, as noted, demonstration of knowledge in addressing customer concerns. 

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