The customer is fully satisfied when the perceived services meets or exceeds their expectations. Explain.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Commerce or business is rooted in the idea that there is an equitable agreement about both the nature of goods and services offered and compensation given.  In this, the customer and supplier both agree on the nature and compensation for a given transaction.  In order for the customer to be satisfied, they have to believe that what they have given in terms of compensation is reflective in what has been provided to them.  They have to believe that what they gave is analogous to what they received or what they received is far greater to what they gave as compensation.  This is where the root of the customer- servicer relationship is present. Commercial interaction can only be present when customers feel fully satisfied, in terms of feeling that what they are giving and receiving in return meets or exceeds their expectations.  I think that this is where the basic underyling concept of business lies.  While there might be occasional hiccups in this pattern, I cannot see any commercial relationship advancing if the customer does not feel fully satisfied with what they are receiving and the compensation they are giving in return.