custom description -  describe one custom in detail from the Igbo society as describe in the novel Things fall apart.

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Things Fall Apart is heavily dependent on cultural, socio-political, and religious customs to help bring the story of Okonkwo, the head of the Ibo tribe.  From Okonkwo's three simultaneous wives and children to his distrust of Christian missionaries who threaten to strip the tribe of its culture, traditions and customs abound. 

On particularly noteworthy one is described in Enotes historical customs page.  The Ibo tribe worshipped gods to advise and protect them through such events as the harvest.  Various festivals and traditions are born from the harvest, including the Feast of the Yams in order to thank Ani, the earth goddess and source of fertility. The yams also helped the men to determine their rank in society with the men having the most yams representing a higher status.