Is the curtain maker or arras maker in Canterbury Tales the same as a draper like Monsieur Bonacieux in The Three...

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Draper and arras maker are not exactly the same trade.  An arras refers more to like a heavy woven carpet, sort of like a tapestry that could be used decoratively on the walls to insulate the room and keep the chill out or as a covering on the floor.  In the Old English version, the word used for the arras-maker is "webbe" which translates to weaver.

A draper, like Monsieur Bonacieux from The Three Musketeers, is more like a person who sells cloth that would be used for clothing.  Monsieur Bonacieux is portrayed by Dumas as a small time wholesaler, or cloth dealer. 



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Wow, I would never have guessed that.  When I read "draper," I thought drapery, a word my mother uses to mean curtains or cloth to cover windows.