I need a cure for a swollen gland. Please answer, how do I cure a swollen gland under my chin? Thank you!

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The glands under your jaw are lymph nodes.  Lymph nodes help the body to fight infections.  Sometimes a swollen gland can be as simple as your body fighting a cold, but it could also be a more serious infection.  While I would encourage you to see a medical professional, there are a few things you can try to make yourself more comfortable in the mean time.  Hot teas or warm drinks might help sooth you gland; it rests along the throat and the heat from a drink will sooth the inflammation.  A warm compact might also be soothing, but remember not to wrap anything all the way around your neck.  This can create too much of a temperature change in the blood vessels leading to your brain; it can cause a serious headache.

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It sounds like you have a swollen lymph node. This is usually a sign of another infection. The lymph nodes are under your chin and in other places. When they swell, you need to see a doctor to determne if it's serious. Here's some information: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lymph_node
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According to what I've read online, there is no specific treatment for a swollen glad or lymph node...because they are usually a sign of some other problem. First that other problem has to be addressed, and when that is cured the swelling will go down.

For example, if the swell is a result of an infection, then after antibiotics cure the infection the swelling will go down.

I highly suggest you go see a doctor to see what is really happening...especially if you are also experiencing a fever, sweats, or weight changes.

Good Luck.