cubeA cube has a surface area of 194.94 square inches. Find how many inches long is one of its edges.

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We know that cube has 6 surfaces.

Then the surface area is the sum of the areas of the surfaces.

==> Let the side of the cube be x.

==> area of the surface = x^2

Then the surface area for all surfaces = 6*x^2

==> 6x^2 = 194.94

Now we will divide by 6.

==> x^2 = 32.49

==> x = 5.7

Then, the side of the cube is 5.7 in.

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This might be better suited for the Math board, but I will give it a shot. Since a cube has six sides we can first divide the 194,4 by 6. This will us give us the area of each side, then we know that the formula for the area of a square is Length * Width and that all four sides are equal in length. So we can divide our answer by 4 and this should be the length of each side of the cube.

194.4/6 =32.4

32.4/4= 8.1

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The number of like faces of the cube is 6.

We'll note the length of the side of the cube as a.

The area of a face is:

A = a^2

Since there are 6 faces, we'll get the total area:

S = 6a^2

194.94 = 6a^2

We'll divide by 6:

a^2 = 32.49

a = sqrt 32.49

a = 5.7 inches

We'll accept just the positive value for the length.