Cruelty Towards AnimalsDo you think that there should be more consequences for the people who abuse animals?

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drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I wholeheartedly favor stronger penalties for animal abusers. Domestic animals are dependent on humans for care and have no way to alert authorities or otherwise get help. For someone to abuse a defenseless animal is, in my opinion, as bad as someone abusing a small child. If the penalties for animal abuse were stronger, then perhaps it might deter some abuse. The Michael Vick case has done much to draw attention to this issue.

animallover12345 | Student
Cruelty Towards Animals

Do you think that there should be more consequences for the people who abuse animals?

in my opinion i think animal creulty is wrong. yes i know people hunt but why buy you a animal if you are just going to beat it, starve it and wont take care of it cause you dont care? people in the world just think that all animals are is meat but i looked up that san francisco chinatown got a lawsuit held against them cause they used animals in the meat other than cow or pig in 1988.

gowolves | Student

of course. Pets cost money and shipping one to the opposite end of the country is asking for a lawsuit.

branbran | Student

Shouldnt the pound be stopped from shipping animals they find on the streets, to scientist who do horrible, cruel studies on them? What if the animal they found was someones lost pet?

epollock | Student

Absolutely there should be harsh penalties for hurting animals. Much research in the field of understanding serial killers discovered that most of them had started abusing animals before they moved on to people.

krishna-agrawala | Student

I am all against cruelty of every kind and support all efforts to control it. Cruelty harms not only the victim but the tormentor also. A person committing cruel acts, even on animals. develops insensitivity towards all forms of life, including human beings, making him less fit for cooperative living so necessary for prosperity and well being of the whole humanity.

Cruelty in any form and towards anyone is bad. But it is difficult to define cruelty.

One would think that killing is the worst form of cruelty. But killing your enemies in a war is not cruelty - and this includes the innocent civilians of the enemy countries. I have come across many statements opposing nuclear weapons, and condemning the dropping of atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but I have not come across statements from any responsible human rights organizations branding it as a cruel act.

Killing animals, birds, and fishes for food, and sometimes for other useful material such as their hides is not cruel.

Mass killing of any animal classified as pest is not cruelty.

Human beings value their liberty a lot, but trapping animals form their natural habitat, and keeping them in cages in zoos is not cruelty.

In such a confusing state it is not enough to just increase the penalties for whatever is considered cruelty today. There is a need to first develop a clarity about what is cruelty and how it is bad for the world in general. Then, we need to generate greater awareness of there among common people. With such kind of awareness it will also be possible to formulate and implement more effective laws.


branbran | Student

I totally agree with you. I love animals so much. I was also want to know if you think animal shelters should kill animals just because they  have been in the shelter to long or theres no more space? I mean you dont kill humans because theres not enough space in a hospital.

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