You are Abigail running away from Salem. Write your thoughts and feelings.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Any writing assignment which focuses on Abigail will have to spend significant time on her psychology and her motivations behind why she did what she did.  I think that a letter or some type of personal expression from her point of view will have to spend some time as to why she made the accusations and what she hoped to get out of them.  I think that exploring if she made the accusations out of fear or out of personal gain could be worthwhile.  She is an interesting case because while she did some fairly horrendous things in terms of making false accusations and coveting what is not hers, she had a rough time during childhood and this might be part of why she does what she does.  I think it would be worth exploring the issue of how Abigail, as a child, learned how to love or learned what love is.  At the same time, hearing her views on the relationship between she and Proctor and her strained relationship with her uncle could also be very intriguing.  Abigail is one of the most compelling characters in literature to demonstrate a sense of duplicity and guile as she acts on the perception of innocence with a sense of malevolence.  This exploration is something that can make for very interesting writing.