In The Crucible, why does Francis Nurse believe he has caused trouble for the 91 people who signed a deposition?

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After their wives were arrested, Corey, Francis and John sought the help of the people. They obtained a signed deposition testifying to their wives' innocence. They presented this evidence in court much to the irritation of Parris, who believed such a move would lead the court to the truth.

Parris together with Judge Hathorne made malicious allegations as to the motives of the people who signed the document. Danforth sought to call the 91 individuals who signed the document to appear in court and testify personally. However, Francis noticed the mischief and objected to this, stating that he had promised the participants that no harm would come to them.

As expected and because of the prejudiced court process, Danforth ordered the arrest of all those who signed the document. Francis was horrified at the turn of events and was convinced that everyone who tried to help would suffer at the hands of the court.

Mr. Nurse believed this because the court was already biased and was only relying on evidence provided by the girls, going by the arrests made and the entire process. Those who had been arrested, prosecuted and condemned were innocent and it was highly likely that the 91 would also suffer a similar fate.

Danforth: Then I am sure they may have nothing to fear. Hands Cheever the paper. Mr. Cheever, have warrants drawn for all of these - arrest for examination. To Proctor: Now, Mister, what other information do you have for us? Francis is still standing, horrified. You may sit, Mr. Nurse.

Francis: I have brought trouble on these people...

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