The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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In The Crucible, why does Hale want Proctor to hire a lawyer to make his case?  

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John Proctor does not always do or say what society would recommend. He does not get on well with Reverend Parris, and therefore, only two of his three children are baptized and he has not attended church regularly. He has even plowed his fields on some Sundays.

Hale questions Proctor about these matters in Act 2. To Hale, Proctor says "I see no light of God in that man," and Hale replies, "that is not for you to decide." Proctor does and says what he believes, but this is not exactly what a Christian court wants to hear. Hale, about to depart, advises Proctor: "let the third child be quickly baptized, and go you without fail each Sunday in to Sabbath prayer; and keep a solemn, quiet way among you." However, Cheever then comes in with a warrant for Elizabeth's arrest—a warrant that Proctor rips up in a rage. Hale knows that in a biased court, Proctor is unable to keep his temper and present arguments that the biased judges will accept.

Additionally, at the point in Act 3 when Hale begs...

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lex-c | Student

Hale thinks that Proctor needs a lawyer because he believe that Proctor was telling the truth at first but because he didnt have a lawyer and no one believed him, Proctor start saying he believe in witchcraft.