In The Crucible, who was hanged with John Proctor? What did this individual say before he/she was hanged?

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It appears that Rebecca Nurse was hung with John Proctor. Before her death, Rebecca shouts out:

Let you fear nothing! Another judgement waits us all!

Rebecca means that none of the condemned need fear the earthly judgment of the court, for there is another far more powerful (heavenly) court all must answer to.

In Act IV, the general atmosphere in Salem is one of chaos and widespread panic. Everyone fears being accused of witchcraft, for the resultant punishment for such a crime is either loss of property, death, or both. Proctor is still in prison, and Danforth wants Proctor's wife, Elizabeth, to convince her husband to confess. Proctor, initially reluctant, eventually agrees to confess.

While Proctor is confessing, Rebecca is brought in to witness his confession and to follow in Proctor's example. However, with Rebecca's appearance, Proctor's conscience is pricked. He refuses to confess to lies and refuses to agree that he saw Rebecca and others conspiring with the Devil. Meanwhile, the exasperated Danforth tries to pressure Proctor into signing the written testimony of his guilt, but Proctor refuses to do this.

In the end, giving into the stress and strain of the moment, Proctor signs his name to his confession. However, he soon tears it up because he cannot bring himself to sell his friends out. For this act of courage, Proctor is sentenced to hang. Herrick escorts both Proctor and Rebecca out to the gallows.

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