Dynamic Characters In The Crucible

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One intensely dynamic character in The Crucible would have to be Reverend Parris.  At the start of the drama, he is scared as to what the implications of witchcraft will be upon his own stature.  In the middle of the drama, he has changed to embrace the popularity and sense of power that the trials have given to him.  The fear he once showed is gone and in its place is brazen displays of power in the courtroom and throughout the town.  By the last act, he has changed again, afraid of the backlash that the trials have caused.  Parris is a shell of what he once was, confessing fear for his life and displaying a willingness to do anything to save Proctor in order to make himself look good to a public that has effectively repudiated him.  Parris' ending fate as leaving Salem, walking alone on a road from town, is a fitting image that shows the dynamic nature of his characterization.

Certainly, another dynamic character from The Crucible would have to be John Proctor.  His dynamic characterization is what helps to make the drama so powerful.  Proctor's change from a man who does not want to get involved, to one who is hesitant about his involvement, to one who has no regard for anything else other than "his name" is powerful.  When Proctor is seen through the prism of one who dismisses Abigail as one who will always be troublesome with almost a wink to the man who stands up screaming about "his name" and what it means to him and his legacy, one sees the intense level of his change.  In both dynamic characters, the drama's compelling elements are present.