In The Crucible who is the leader of the girls who cried out?

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howesk eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Crucible, Abigail Williams is generally viewed as the leader of the girls. Abigail is the main driving force in the continuation of the trials, and she gives the girls ideas for their testimonies. This representation of Abigail is supported by the fact that she lies throughout the play, and her motivation in crying witchcraft is to try to separate John Proctor (her lover and former master) from his wife Elizabeth. Abigail is also the first one confronted about the encounter with Tituba in the woods, and thus the first one to craft the girls' stories. In the private conversation between the girls in Act I, it is clear that Betty is scared of and intimidated by Abigail since she drank blood in the woods with Tituba. The girls' fear of being labeled witches themselves is another factor that motivates them to continue accusing others of witchcraft.

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