What are the fates of the major characters in The Crucible, such as Rev. Parris, Tituba, Abigail, Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, Rev. Hale, and Elizabeth Proctor?

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Reverend Parris is declared to be a "brainless man" by Deputy Governor Danforth, and his life has been threatened: a dagger was apparently stuck into his front door. He feels that he "dare not step outside at night!" and that there is great "danger for [him]," especially if the final hangings go ahead.

Parris's slave, Tituba, sits in jail in the final act of the play. At this point, she seems to have given into a fantasy that the Devil will come for her and he will take her "to Barbados, soon [as he] gets here with the feathers and the wings." She may have lost her wits as a result of everything she has been through and all the fear she's experienced. (In real life, Tituba was sold back into slavery once she was released from jail.)

Abigail Williams and Mercy Lewis have robbed Abigail's uncle, Parris, and he tells Danforth that he "think[s] they be aboard a ship" that has left Salem. She took thirty-one pounds from him: his entire savings. She obviously felt the tide of public...

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