In The Crucible what are three pieces of evidence that show that Abigail Williams is lying?  

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e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We know from the outset that Abigail is lying because she acknowledges her deceit when she creates it, telling the others to go along with her. 

At the play's opening, Betty Parris is pretending to be sick because she is worried about the punishment that will be inflicted on her and her friends for being discovered dancing naked in the woods. 

Abigail takes control of the situation by deflecting attention to others. She does this, however, only after the audience is clearly informed that Abigail had been drinking blood in the forest and performing rites of "witchcraft" as the town sees it. 

To protect the group from punishment for what they have done and what she has done herself, Abigail insists that the group maintain a lie. 

...she forcefully insists that the girls stick to the story that they were only dancing and that Tituba and Ruth alone conjured her dead sisters.

In the next scene, Abigail denies the truth that has just been clearly revealed when she tells Proctor that the witchcraft accusations are nonsense. She tells him that the girls were merely dancing in the woods. 

This scenario offers clear evidence from the outset that Abigail is lying. Additionally, in the first scene she lies about why she was fired from the Proctor home (her story is shown to be a lie in the second scene). She lies also about Elizabeth Proctor's poppet. This lie is recognized immediately by the audience for what it is - a deception intended to incriminate Elizabeth.

amanda-panda | Student
In general you can tell Abigail is lying about the witchcraft and knowing who the witches are because she told her uncle multiple times that when they were out in the woods they weren't practicing witch craft. Another example to help prove she is lying about the witch craft is when she gets stabbed with the needle during dinner because Ezekiel Cheever says that Abigail was stabbed sveral hours earlier whereas Mary only just gave Elizabeth the doll so there is no way Elzabeth could have been a witch or practicing vodoo. We also know Abigail is lying because when confronted about Johns adultery she simply states that he is lying even thiough througout various times in the play it is quite clear the John and Abigail had sex.