In The Crucible what are three pieces of evidence that show that Abigail Williams is lying?  

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It is revealed that Abigail is lying when the adults leave Betty's room and she physically threatens Betty, Mercy Lewis, and Mary Warren to corroborate her story. Betty even mentions that Abigail drank blood to put a curse on Elizabeth Proctor, which prompts Abigail to threaten the girls. It is also revealed the Abigail is lying when she admits to John Proctor in private that Betty's "illness" is simply pretense and that she is not bewitched. Abigail tells him that they were just dancing in the forest and were frightened when her uncle saw them. After Reverend Hale begins to question Abigail, she uses Tituba as a scapegoat by placing the blame on her. Abigail then witnesses Tituba accuse two women of witchcraft to avoid execution and begins falsely accusing numerous citizens to distract from her own transgressions. It also becomes evident that Abigail is lying when Mary Warren insists that she stuck the needle into the poppet while...

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