Crucible notesAs far as i know The Crucible is about a town who think they have witches there.Im just now getting ready to read act 2, so if anyone can help me out with this story. Because it's...

Crucible notes

As far as i know The Crucible is about a town who think they have witches there.Im just now getting ready to read act 2, so if anyone can help me out with this story. Because it's really hard fo me to understand.Please help me, right now im taking 1st semester summer school and in order to get 2 semester I have to read The Crucible and get an 70 percent or higher to get in 2semester.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Part of your challenge might be situational.  The situation which the play addresses is what happens when society is caught up in labelling people and attacking individuals based on gossip and rumor.  When this becomes law or accepted truth, what happens to our setting?  I know you will be reading the history behind the play and Miller's motivation, but he was writing this when his friends, and he, himself, was being acccued of sympathizing with Communists during the "Red Scare."  People around Miller were either being judged without evidence or ended up turning on others simply to save their own skin.  When gossip becomes law, what hope is there for any society to exist?  Miller's play is the answer to this question.

The previous posts were dead on in that any question you have, the editors here can answer.  Yet, keeping this mentality in mind might help you understand where Miller is going.  It really is an amazingly powerful work (Especially when we see it after 9/11, when America herself became gripped with fear).

mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In relation to your question, it would help if you could have some more specific questions to ask.  Enotes is a great source for plot summaries, character analyses, discussions of themes in the play, and one-on-one feedback for specific questions that you might have for the play.  If you go to the search bar and type in "The Crucible," then all of those sources that I mentioned will come up, and you can read through them.  That will help you to further understand the story.

Here is the link:

Under this link, if you click on summary and analysis, then act one, it will give you a comprehensive summary of act one, which should help a lot.

Good luck, and if  you have more specific questions, if you ask them here, you will be pretty much guranteed to  have them answered by an editor.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Read the entire story.  Not everyone thinks they have witches.  John Proctor knows better, and so does Rebecca Nurse--two voices of reason who are eventually accused and put to death for witchcraft.  Imagine what that will do for others who disagree?  Will they also speak out, or will they hide?  What does history tell you?  Think of the Holocaust or Tiananmen Square.  This is fascinating stuff!

The witchcraft story began with Abigail Williams who was seen in the woods with Tituba while they were concocting a "love spell" on John Proctor.  Abigail was in love with him, and his wife, Elizabeth stood in the way.  She was determined to get what she wanted...and the entire town suffered  as a result of her selfish, greedy, and wanton behavior.

scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would suggest that you read the whole play first, but it helps if you read some background information first.  You can get that from eNotes, or most publications of the play include information on the Salem Witch Trials and Arthur Miller's reason for writing a modern drama set in the 1600s.

Also, once you have read the play--and please read it first--you might want to check out the film version of it starring Daniel Day Lewis and Wynona Rider.  It is quite well done and true to the text.  Arthur Miller played quite a large role in the film-making process, and his daughter is married to Daniel Day Lewis who portrays the main character, John Proctor.

holako | Student

i can't understand what's you real mean pm me plz

cambron1991 | Student

ok thanks

epollock | Student

What you should do is read the play once and find out all the information that you understand. Try to paraphrase what happens and go over the plot. Then think about the characters, setting, etc. And, if you still have trouble, you can consult

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