In The Crucible, how is Proctor defeated in his attempt to stop the trials?

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Proctor plans to go to court with his friends' testimony, Mary Warren's testimony and the evidence of her written statement. Each of these sources is found to be of little use. First, Giles will not reveal his source of information and that makes his testimony inadmissable in the court. Then, Danforth reads the deposition or statement of Mary Warren. He struggles believing her written words and questions her about them... in front of the other girls. Mary Warren testifies to the real truth for pages.  As Mary Warren testifies by answering Danforth's continued questioning of her truthfulness, the girls begin to mock her. This pressures Mary. She eventually gives way to the girls and pretends just like the rest of them. When Mary takes the side of the girls, Proctor's plan to stop the trials is completely defeated.

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