In The Crucible, Hale asks Elizabeth if she believes. What is her reply?

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I am not quite sure what Act you are asking this question about. If it is Act II, it may be that you are asking if she is a believer. Hale asks her to recite the Ten Commandments and she and Proctor together can, but neither can do it on their own. Later in the same Act, Hale asks both Proctor and Elizabeth if they believe in witches. John first replies that he does not believe they are now in Salem. Elizabeth agrees that a witch cannot come into a woman of character like she possesses.

In Act IV, Hale asks a different question of Elizabeth, that might relate to belief. Hale wants to know if she will please talk to John and at least get him to lie to save his life. Hale tries to convince her that this sin is nothing compared to losing his life.