Thinking of a character you have met in The Crucible, what role does greed play in their life thus far?Act II

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Reverend Parris is a great example of greed in the play.  In act one, he argues with everyone about how he shouldn't have to pay six pounds for firewood; he's the minister, and deserves that firewood for free!  He also claims that he deserves more than his "sixty-six pounds a year" salary, and refers to how he left a prosperous business in Barbados to come and preach in humble circumstances.  So obviously, he cares a great deal about money and wealth.  He even argues at one point that he should get the title to the churchouse, meaning, that he should be able to claim ownership of it.  He is so greedy that he wants to be the sole owner of the church!

Later, in act two, we learn from John Proctor that Parris fixated on getting golden candlesticks in the church, instead of the pewter ones that Francis Nurse had made.  He even used that greed as the subject of his sermons, and whined about it until he had his way and got his golden candlesticks.  Because of his greed, of which there are numerous examples, he comes off as argumentative, bitter, angry, whiney and petulant to many members of his congregation, and as a result, they doubt his true piety and humility as a servant of God.

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

So far, my greediest character has to be Abigail Williams. She captures John Proctor alone and demands that the two of them return to their previous affair. As he declines her offer, she pursues even further seemingly making him uncomfortable. In fact, she wants him so bad that she is willing to defame something that he seems to value very much: Elizabeth Proctor. At this point, Abigail only cuts Elizabeth down to John's face, but as things continue and she doesn't get her way, it isn't very long before she tries to put both Proctor and his wife in front of the magistrates.

She also has already shown that she'll do anything to keep out of trouble. She makes the rest of the girls feel like they better not tell on her for what they were doing in the woods OR ELSE! I think the girls are so scared of Abby that they go along with her in all her lies.