In Act Three of The Crucible, who are the court supporters, officers, ministers, judges, witnesses, opponents, and the accused?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Judges:  Hathorne and Danforth, who happen to be head judges of the state, and very well-respected and powerful men.  They run the proceedings, and have the final say in matters.

Court Officers:  Here you have two men that are mentioned--one is Marshall Herrick, who is in charge of enforcing the mandates of the court.  The other is Ezekiel Cheever, who is in charge of running errands for the court, and doing some of their arresting and investigating.

Ministers:  Reverend Parris of Salem, and Reverend Hale of Andover.

The accused:  Martha Corey, who we hear about in the opening act offstage.  Then, Giles Corey is accused of beligerence against the courts and arrested (for not giving the name of the witness against Putnam).  At the end of the act, John Proctor is accused of witchcraft.

Court opponents are John, Francis, Giles, in the begining Mary Warren (she turns for it at the end) and in the end Reverend Hale (he quits the court at the end of the act).

Court supporters are Reverend Parris, the judges and officers, and all of the girls.

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