In The Cruciblein Act 3 what was the relationship between Danforth and the townspeople? What was the relationship between Danforth and Reverend Samuel Parris?

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Although all the judges during the witches' trial in Salem have equal stature, Judge Danforth stands out as the most powerful.  He is the one who comes across as the most intelligent but also the harshest. He is also the highest authority, since he is governor of the state. Judge Danforth takes pride in his achievements and has a no-nonsense approach. He displays

... an exact loyalty to his position and cause.

It is this which makes him truly fearsome and feared. He is intolerant and dismissive of whatever he believes to be attempts to either mislead the court or disrupt proceedings. He has the capacity to turn around whatever others may deem good and condemn them as dishonest. He uses clever argument and ties up the well-meaning witnesses in damning rhetoric

Judge Danforth sees only black and white, for him there are no grey areas. It is this intolerance that leads to witnesses such as Giles Corey, already ridden with guilt for having had his wife condemned because of what he...

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