The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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In Act II of The Crucible, what does Proctor reveal to Reverend Hale?

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In Act II, Proctor speaks of how he does not really accept the current constitution of the Salem church.  Hale comes to the Proctor home to ask them basic questions about their presence at the church. It is at this time that Proctor reveals that he does not see Reverend Parris as an honorable leader of the church.  He uses the phrase "light of God" as explaining how he does not see Parris as a spiritual leader. Hale knows that the Proctors have only had two of their three children baptized as well as that the Proctors do not attend church on a regular basis.  Given how Salem is progressing in the midst of the witchcraft trials, this becomes a cause of concern.

Parris reveals to Hale that he does not accept the current constitution of the church.  Parris reveals to Hale that he is not able to accept a false construction of religious identity, such as what he sees with Parris's leadership and the membership of the church.  In revealing his true sense of spiritual understanding, Parris defines himself against the ruling temperament of Salem at the time.  It becomes clear that Proctor has drawn a line between himself and the Salem church as a result of his revelations.

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