In The Crucible in Act II, describe the power Abigail has in the courtroom.

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Abigail is the consummate actor, a professional liar, as it were, and by Act II she is frightening the villagers and the Court alike by fainting while it is in session, and falling to the ground with stomach pains.  Abigail had witnessed Mary putting the needle in a doll she was making during the court proceedings, and as though it were a voodoo doll wielded by a jealous wife, she accuses Elizabeth Proctor of sending out her spirit to stab her.  The Court buys this lie hook, line and sinker after the court clerk discovers the doll in the Proctor home with a needle inside it, and Elizabeth soon finds herself arrested for witchcraft.

At this point we see Abigail start to become aware of her influence in the Court and the village, and she is a little drunk from this power.  She will use it to her own ends (to kill Elizabeth Proctor by getting her sentenced to death) so that she can, in her own mind, be with John, but she also seems to just genuinely like the fact that as a young woman, she has the ultimate power of life and death over others.