THe CrucibleI need help starting the first paragraph about character motivation on The Crucible. I have to compare and contrast  Rev. Parris and Rev. Hale's motivation. please help me

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One important thing about the two men is that each regard how others look at them as important. In this, although, lies one difference: Parris is worried  and Hale is not. Therefore, each are concerned with how they both look in the eyes of the public, but for different reasons.

Outside of that, a Venn diagram works wonders when writing a Compare and Contrast paper.

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I agree with #2: a Venn diagram is a good place to start. Draw a circle and list inside attributes you see in Parris, and do another for Hale. Take the two circles and move them together, seeing which attributes are similar and which are different. Anything that is the same will go in the midsection, where the two circles overlap. With this method, you can easily see what the two have in common, and have a visual reference on which to base further statements, arguments, and theses.

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Parris' motivation in life becomes very clear in the first act, he is worried about his reputation. There are some good quotes to prove this... especially in the description on the first page. He also makes a comment to Abby about his reputation.

Hale on the other hand seems to be motivated by the idea that people might get to know him because he is a sort of exorcist, but he bases so much of his thought on education that he doesn't directly act all the time. By the end of the novel, he is willing to risk his reputation to support innocent people.

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Are you planning or writing at this stage?  If planning, start by making a Venn diagram.  If writing, your first paragraph should contain a strong thesis statement.  What does the comparison between Parris and Hale tell you?  What thematic statement can you make about it?